B2C Lead Generation

B2C lead generation is about quality of leads and most importantly about their volume & conversion rate. With our inhouse algorithms & proven ad strategies we leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads to generate recurring leads for your business.
b2c lead generation planning

Advertisement Platform we Leverage


Facebook has always been a platform to generate leads for small to large scale businesses


Instagram has become the hub for e-commerce & other industries trying to take their brand Out There!

Google Ads

Build your presence across search engines, rank on the top & generate recurring hot leads in your budget.

By Ad Type:

  • Display Ads

    Display Ads

    Run display banner ads across google, bing & yahoo platforms to increase impression & generate leads

  • Search Ads

    Search Ads

    Comprehensive keyword analysis to start ranking for relevant search queries.

  • Video Ads

    Video Ads

    Videos Ads in 2020 have the highest ROI.

  • Social Ads

    Social Ads

    Run lead gen campaigns across Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Execution Process:

We do a comprehensive analytical study of the past campaigns & the campaigns currently running in that specific industry. Based on that we device the  audience  targeting, bidding algorithm and ad copies to optimise the campaign.

Along with monthly automated reports, we have in-house algorithms for ad bidding and placements so you experience the best results.

execution process planning

Clients Testimonials

We are a 360* Digital Marketing Agency, enabling our clients to build structured channels to reach their customers and create a unique identity in their industry.

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