CLT (Customer life-time value) & ROAS (Return on Average Spending) are the core KPI sof any ecommerce industry. Our algorithms & PPC ad spend targeting model help you boost sales along with a much higher ROAS.

Advertisement Platform we Leverage


Facebook has always been a platform to generate leads for small to large scale businesses


Instagram has become the hub for e-commerce & other industries trying to take their brand Out There!

Google Ads

Build your presence across search engines, rank on the top & generate recurring hot leads in your budget.

By Ad Type:

  • Display Ads

    Display Ads

    Run display banner ads across google, bing & yahoo platforms to increase impression & generate leads

  • Search Ads

    Search Ads

    Comprehensive keyword analysis to start ranking for relevant search queries.

  • Video Ads

    Video Ads

    Videos Ads in 2020 have the highest ROI.

  • Social Ads

    Social Ads

    Run lead gen campaigns across Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Execution Process:

The process starts with a comprehensive analytical study of the concerned market, based on which we decide the algorithm, platforms to be used, targeting and bidding strategies.


Along with monthly automated reports, we have in-house algorithms for ad bidding and placements so you experience the best results.

E - commerce planning

Clients Testimonials

We are a 360* Digital Marketing Agency, enabling our clients to build structured channels to reach their customers and create a unique identity in their industry.

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