Off Page SEO are the activities done outside the website to increase the Ranking of the specific website within the Search engine result page (SERP) of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This is done by linking your website to the popular places (page, sites, people, etc.), promoting it on social media and completely maintaining the quality of the content. Off Page SEO offers the general consensus like relevancy, trustworthiness and authority which increase the ranking of the website long lasting, irrespective of frequently changing search Algorithm and ranking factors.

OFF Page SEO Factors include

Whole Off Page SEO works around these factors to improve your website Position

  • Content
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Video
  • Bookmarking
  • Social Networking

1. Link Building Tools:

Social Media Link Building Tools

These are the tools help you to interact with the other network of social media. These tools work effectively to have Off Page SEO successfully done. These tools help you to build stories, posts, images and audio-video notes about your profile and automatically synchronize them across different social media platforms to increase your website ranking. These are:-

  • Socialmarkers
  • Evernote
  • Storify
  • BuzzStream

Email Outreach Link Building

These are the tools best offers you the information of the people you are sending e-mail, allow you to enter the prospect information and provide the queries which help to track their email address. Moreover, it gives you the information about the prospects that whom they are interacting most and what they mostly talk about. These tools are best for finding the right person to follow. These are:

i. Copyscape
ii. Siteliner
iii. SEO-Browser
iv. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool
v. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

2. Video Marketing Tools

These apps help you to the build a demo presentation of your business. These tools allow you to add images, text and background on the different various video theme. From there you can get an attracting video representation which you can add to your website to get more viewers. Thus, these are also helpful for Off-Page SEO

  • Animoto
  • PowToon
  • Magisto
SEO Planning

3. Social Media Marketing Tools

These are the most important tools for Off-Page SEO because these tools monitor more than hundreds of social media sites. Analyses which links are mostly sharing on the social media network, check which topics are more influencing the viewers. So, you can pitch those topics in your blog, articles and blogs to rank up your website. These amazing Social Media Marketing tools are:


Twitter Counter

Ice Rocket


4. Backlink Explorers

These are very helpful tools for Off Page SEO services as they index the data of the backlink of both yours and your competitor’s website. As all we know, Backlinks are the most crucial way to go around the websites in terms of traffic no matter for referrals or search visibility. These tools crawl all over the backlinks data and provide you with the best indexing result. These Backlink Explorer tools are:



Open Site Explorer

5. Backlinks Checking Tools

These tools help in managing the backlinks so that they are working properly or not. These tools analyses and highlights the several links at once, and offers an action either to open all the links at once in different tabs or give an indexed data of your backlinks. Some of these essential backlinks checking tools are:

  • Check my links
  • Linkclump

6. Page Metrics Tool

These are the advanced tools provide you with all the standards of measure, let you measure sales and its conversions of the webpage you are browsing. These tools help you to check where the page is lacking and how can it be improved further to rank better. These Metrics tools are considered the best Off Page SEO tools. Some of these Page Metrics tools are:

  • SEMRush
  • SEOQuake
  • Google Analytics

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