What is On Page SEO Optimization?

On Page SEO is one of the most beneficial ways to make your
website relevant by considering all the elements which directly effect on your website or a web page in natural search results and improve its ranking
in search result. It is done in the codes of the website or backend.

The On Page SEO factors include –
1. Technical excellence;
2. Excellent user experience;
3. User-friendly website or webpage;
4. Awesome contents


Keywords are the most essential elements of the website which has a profound impact on the overall performance of website for On Page SEO. Therefore the listing of the right keywords shouldn’t rely on single SEO tools. Some of the On Page SEO tools to be considered for Keyword research are:

  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • WordStream
  • Keyword Eye Basic
  • Ubersuggest 
  • KeywordTool.io

2. Content Writing Help Tools

The content for On Page SEO of the website should not be irrelevant, cheap or copied but should be useful, appropriate and understandable to the user in order to receive more traffic. Some of the On Page SEO tools will assist you in developing your content:

i. Copyscape
ii. Siteliner
iii. SEO-Browser
iv. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool
v. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

3. Technical Tools

These are the tools which help you to improve HTML formats, checking data structure, quickly analyzes, audits and review a site for an SEO perspective. Even these tools check the speed of website for different search engines for better On Page SEO. These On Page SEO tools are as follows:

i. Xenu’s Link Sleuth
ii. Robots.txt Generator
iii. Robots.txt Checker
iv. URI Valet
v. Microsoft Free SEO
vi. Image SEO Tool

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