Stay Ahead: Facebook Lead Gen Ads 2022

In my past experience, I have observed that leads generation works best for B2C business. Following are the 4 hottest industries where Facebook Lead Generation can do wonders for your business in 2020:

  • Ecommerce
  • HORECA (Hotels Restaurants Cafe)
  • Travel
  • Tech Products (B2C Web &  Applications).

Here are the 5 easy and simple processes which can set you up!

1- Facebook basic page optimization

2- Industry Analysis

3- Targeting & Audience Creation

4- Writing Ad Copies & Design

5- Ad optimization 

(*I’ll be taking you through each one of them thoroughly so you get it right for the first time)`

Facebook Basic-Page Optimization

You want to be sure that when your customers visit your page after seeing your Ad it should further add to your credibility. This can really help you to bring down your lead cost and improve the conversion rate.

Make sure you do these before running Ads!

  1. Complete your company information on Facebook like location, contact details, product information, etc.
  2. Make sure you have engagement and following on your page, it is a psychological factor that acts in your favor! (Here is a short article on how to kickstart your Facebook Page) 
  3. Have consistent posting with quality creatives and well-researched hashtags.
  4. Having reviews on your page is a brownie point!

Industry Research

Before running your Ads do a quick industry research to verify your ideas and it will also help you to better target your ads.

Make sure you look up for these things:

1-    Audience Insights Manager: This is an amazing audience research tool by Facebook. You just need to enter relevant keywords and it will show you associated demographics and also Popular Facebook Pages which Rank for the keyword.

2-    Facebook Search Bar: It yet another very simple but efficient way to look for competitor pages by entering relevant keywords.


Targeting & Audience Creation

Running Facebook Ads has gotten 30% more expensive than last year, a well crafted targeting strategy helps you keep the budget low and business booming.

This step is the Pivot of all your Facebook strategies & campaigns, yet a lot of Digital Marketers miss to optimize it and align with their Ad goals.

Here is the secret sauce to Audience creation, all you need is Attention!

1-    Break the audience in your head into two chunks, based on behavior. For example, if you are trying to sell a health drink divide your audience into gym-going & office going customers.

2-    Now create one audience set for each one of the chunks based on demographics. Use the Audience insight Manager to choose demographics in the audience creation.

Group Hacker Technique: This what I personally use for most of my clients to create a well-targeted and goal aligned audience set.

It’s very simple, research for Facebook pages who have a large following & higher engagement, put them as a targeting parameter in your audience creation. (Tip: For a highly targeted audience just Put Competitor Targeting as “AND” to narrow down the targeting)

3-    Remember the two audience sets you created! Make a new “Broad” audience where you combine both the audience sets (this is the perfect audience for a branding campaign).

Don’t forget to name your audience smartly!  

You are ready to go, you have all the audiences you will need for future marketing campaigns. This also helps you further create a strong remarketing audience!

Writing Ad Copies & Designs for Lead Gen Ads

Ad copies of lead gen Ads are very different from normal Ads, so to put it ad copies & creatives for lead gen ads are very action-oriented.

What do I mean? Here is an example:

*I had an Immigration Law Firm Based out of Canada, as a client, I was helping them to build their brand and generate immigration leads.

I spent $400 Bucks on both these campaigns and was able to generate 2000+ hot leads within a week. Here are the few things which helped me:

1-    Using a quality picture never goes out of style! It stops the eyeball and adds this with an emphasis on keyword fonts and you are set.

2-    Using emojis in the ad copies it helps you to stand apart in the news feed!

3-    Give a free accessible feature to generate queries. I gave them a PR evaluation. Of all the people who booked an appointment, 70% passed the first stage.

4-    Last but not least. A hubout 80% of my traffic comes from smartphones, make sure your ad looks good on it!

Facebook Rules for writing Ad copies:

·      Text: 125 characters

·      Headline: 25 characters

·      Link description: 30 characters

(Tip: If you are an eCommerce company use a slideshow/carousel format for better results.)I have a whole set of ideas for creating crazy Ad Copies that work!  Subscribe</link> to keep updated.

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